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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

MakeFriends is a service provided by Internet Consulting (hereinafter referred to as "MakeFriends") and maintains an online platform for people who want to find friends with the same or similar interests. These terms and conditions determine the legal relationships between members and MakeFriends. By registering with MakeFriends, the terms and conditions are accepted as binding.
MakeFriends is the legal property of Internet Consulting, Schwylerstrasse 5, CH-8712 Stäfa.

Registration / service offer 

Registration is free. The registered member can use basic functions of the MakeFriends service.

Service offer 

With the registration on MakeFriends you get a standard membership with basic functions, which enables the free and unlimited use of the service on
MakeFriends enables people to search, find and contact people with the same or similar interests.
MakeFriends is solely responsible for the technical operation of and excludes any other liability.
MakeFriends assumes no responsibility or liability for adhering to agreed appointments or other agreements between the members.
MakeFriends does not guarantee the establishment of contacts between members.

Protection of minors

Although Makefriends is not a dating platform, minors can only register and become active on MakeFriends with the consent of their parents or guardians.

Membership termination

The member can terminate their membership in MakeFriends at any time without notice by deleting their profile. Members of paid memberships can also terminate their profile and thus their membership at any time. However, the paid (remaining) amount for a paid membership will not be refunded. If a member violates the rules contained in these General Terms and Conditions, MakeFriends is entitled to cancel the membership and delete the member profile. As a rule, this happens after a previous warning. In the event of serious breaches of the rules, termination and deletion will take place without notice and without prior warning.
There is no right to reimbursement of the paid membership fee. Not even then:

  •  if our service should stop for a while for any reason
  •  Your profile will also be accidentally deleted by you before the membership expires
  •  if we had to block your profile because you violated the terms and conditions or you did not follow our warning
  • if our system or our administrator has blocked your profile for any reason (e.g. when using unauthorized content). The reasons for blocking are at our discretion and do not have to be mentioned to the affected members.

The paid memberships end automatically after the paid period and do not have to be canceled or renewed. The paid memberships are not automatically extended.

Use by members

It is forbidden to create a so-called "fake" profile that tries to advertise commercial services of any kind.
In the event of violations, we can cancel membership and delete the account without notice.

Publication of prohibited content

 Members agree not to distribute content that violates the law and violates the rights of other members.
MakeFriends can check and remove the published content of members in their profile (content, messages, comments, photos) if they are illegal.


MakeFriends recommends that personal data should not be published in the free text fields to protect privacy.

Member account security

MakeFriends is unable to see your password. Each member is responsible for the storage and confidentiality of his password.

Copyright protection

It is not allowed to publish copyrighted content via MakeFriends.

Privacy policy

The use of MakeFriends is subject to the MakeFriends privacy policy.

Service access

MakeFriends strives to ensure 24/7 availability of the service. However, MakeFriends cannot guarantee this. Access to the MakeFriends services can be temporarily interrupted without prior information due to maintenance work, system failures due to force majeure.

Exclusion of warranty / disclaimer

The MakeFriends services are provided online without guarantee. MakeFriends does not guarantee the correctness of content that is published by members. MakeFriends is not responsible for the behavior of its members on the MakeFriends platform.

Limitation of liability

MakeFriends' liability is generally limited to gross negligence or intent. Liability on the part of MakeFriends, the member or third parties for any direct, indirect or other consequential damage resulting from improper use of this or a website linked to it is excluded in any case. See also our data protection declaration.
MakeFriends are used at your own risk. We accept no liability for damage caused by the use of MakeFriends. MakeFriends only provides services for establishing contact between members. They create the content on MakeFriends and are responsible for their correctness and legality. MakeFriends endeavors to check the content for its accuracy as far as possible, but rejects any liability for the content of the communication and its direct and indirect consequences. MakeFriends does not accept any liability for economic, physical or immaterial damage resulting from the use of the platform.

Changes to this agreement

MakeFriends is entitled to amend and change the terms of use at any time. MakeFriends will inform the members of this before the changes take effect. In this case, the member has the right to terminate the agreement with MakeFriends before the change takes effect. If there is no termination, the agreement will continue with the changed conditions.

Ownership of rights

MakeFriends is the holder and owner of all property rights to the name, designs, layouts, logos, services, features and programming of MakeFriends. MakeFriends is protected by copyright worldwide, both in its components and in its entirety. All rights reserved. It is not permitted to edit, copy, publish or transfer parts of MakeFriends or MakeFriends as a whole, unless MakeFriends gives its express permission.


In the event that the member is granted a claim or a right or an opportunity to sue another member due to the use of MakeFriends or a service from MakeFriends, the member is obliged to exercise this claim, this right or the opportunity to sue, regardless of and without exercising any claims against us and exempting us from any liability, all claims and damages in connection with the claim, the right or the lawsuit. Furthermore, the member releases us from third-party claims, including the consequences of costs (legal costs, purchase compensation, etc.) that are raised against us due to the behavior of the member outside or within the service. In particular, MakeFriends is not responsible and liable and therefore released for improperly taxed earnings / monetary amounts and related claims of a respective tax office or other offices and authorities, as well as other expenses such as fines and expenses for legal proceedings etc. in this context.

Location of jurisdiction

This agreement is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Stäfa, Zurich.

Final provisions

These general terms and conditions are saved by MakeFriends and are available at

Contact information

For questions about the above rights and restrictions, as well as about this agreement, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.